Express Lux

4500 rub. / 30 min.
Express Lux 1

The session includes: taking a shower (before the session), Thai body massage, gentle touches to the girl, Lingam massage.

An exciting program that includes everything you need for complete relaxation. You will feel an incredible surge of strength, and your body will be filled with the bliss of voluptuousness. A beautiful girl will surround her with her attention and will not miss any opportunity to please you, and you will definitely appreciate her skill.

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couples pleasure 1
couples pleasure

The session includes: classic massage, foot massage with hot towels, head and face massage, Thai bodysuit, gentle touches on the girl, Lingam massage +2 services of your choice (hot oranges, "Strawberry", brushes, "sakura branch")

8 000 rub. / 60 min.
Forbidden kiss 1
Forbidden kiss

The session includes: erotic massage, gentle touches to the girl, Thai body massage, stimulation of erogenous zones, joint showers (before and after).

18000 rub. / 40 min.
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