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Many people say that without higher education you will not live long and will not be able to provide for yourself. This is not true. Here we will break the boundaries of the public, which is always dissatisfied with something. In today's world, you can and should earn big money. And most importantly, it's easy and simple. Who else will offer you free tuition, housing, and good connections for life with powerful and successful people? Think for yourself. For a stable income, we will help you master the profession of a masseuse. This is exactly the industry in which you will gain experience not only for clients, but also for yourself.

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VIP masseuse

  • Job for girls in Moscow salary 500.000
  • Payout daily
  • Work schedule is selected individually
  • Accommodation provided to non-residents
  • Guests 75-80% foreigners
  • Work in a respectable hotel in the center of Moscow
  • Free education


  • Strictly NO intimacy
  • Salary from 200,000 R - 300,000 and more
  • Payouts are made daily
  • The work schedule is discussed individually. Salon open 24 hours
  • Out-of-towners are provided with comfortable accommodation


  • Payroll daily
  • Salary: from 7000 rub per day
  • official registration
  • Work schedule: 1 / 2 (work / day off)
  • Working day from 13:00 to 06:00 am
  • Free accommodation available


  • Required work experience: not required
  • Salary: from 70,000 ₽ to 100,000 ₽
  • Free work schedule
  • You choose your own shifts
  • Payment daily

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